15 Clever Team Names for Your Pool League

Playing pool in a local league is a great way to meet new people, hone your skills and even show off a bit. From my personal experience, a pool league team is the essence of camaraderie and that team camaraderie all starts with your team name. Most people strive for a team name that is clever, sometimes dirty, or just cocky. You might decide to include the team members’ initials or nicknames. Unfortunately coming up with a name that hasn'’t been used before is practically impossible but you can always choose to come up with your own mascot or use a local signature to come up with a good name.

Below I have a few that I'’ve encountered over the years that I thought were especially clever. Check ’em out. Beware, not all of these names are ok'’d by the APA so if you are an APA sanctioned team, make sure you check with your local American Pool Player’s authority before submitting your team title.

A Few Sticks Shy

All Chalked Up

Pocket Pool Allstars

Pool Tang Clan –Wu Tang Clan”

Scratch This

The Kiss Offs

Chalk is Cheap – ”

The Bus Boys

Money Shot

Miss Qs

Chalk and Awe

The English Majors

“We'’re Solids, Right?”

The Hot Pockets

Rail Riders

Of all of these names, “The Bus Boys” has to be my favorite. Which is your favorite? And do you have any other clever ones that I missed?