12 Back to School DIY Ideas

I can almost hear the kids begin to groan as I say it's almost time to go back to school. But I understand the reasons for the groaning; I've been there. When you're young, there's nothing better than those three summer months filled with pool time, novel reading, sleeping in, cooking out, and gathering around a bonfire with loved ones. It's safe to say summer is a carefree time filled with minimal stress. But before school gets underway for another year of homework and tests, take some time to make these creative back to school projects that are sure to come in handy this school year for your family and friends. These crafts are ready to prepare you and your child for an academic year filled with happiness, health, and confidence!

1. Handy Pencil Pouches

These adorable pencil cases are useful and allow you to tap into your creative side. Pick out your favorite colors and patterns of cloth, prepare yourself to make a masterpiece, and take a look at the full instructions here from See Kate Sew.

2. Useful Cord Holders

Let's face it, those phone chargers and earbuds always seem to be hiding on us or getting tangled in our drawers. This little DIY keeps those cords organized! Find out how to make it at Brit + Co.

3. Milk Jug Lunches

Who knew that a plain old milk jug from the grocery store could also act as a lunch box for your kids? This simple DIY is worth the try, and it's a unique alternative to the regular everyday lunch box. Learn all about it at Creme de la Craft.

4. Handy Bunk Bed Organizer

If you're headed to college, have a child gearing up for college life, or just simply sleep in bunk beds, this DIY is for you! This bed organizer can easily hold books, glasses, phones, etc. so you don't have to get down from your loft to get them. See the full instructions for this project at Instructables.

5. Unique Book Covers

Several schools require that books must be covered, so why not make the cover be unique and creative? If you're looking to get away from the standard, store bought fabric covers, take a peek at the instructions for this belted map-covered book from Always Rooney.

6. Desk Organizer

Can you believe this organizer is made mainly from old cereal boxes? Place this convenient DIY arrangement in your office, on your dorm desk, or send your child off to school with it! Learn how to make it at Mod Podge Rocks.

7. Dry Erase Clipboard

This is a fun DIY to make with the kids and get them involved with hands-on crafting and creating! You can give the clipboard any theme of your choosing from school responsibilities and chore checklists to shopping lists. Take a look at this unique project at The 36th Avenue.

8. Pineapple Mason Jar

Mason jars are popular items that can be transformed into beautiful decor pieces for the home. People paint them, glitter glue them, add coins and candy to them, etc. But have you ever seen a pineapple replica mason jar? This adorable DIY looks best when filled with colorful candy! Get the full instructions at Yesterday on Tuesday. 

9. Washi Tape Laptop Cover

When preparing for this DIY, all you need is three materials: scissors, washi tape, and your laptop! You can easily customize this project to make it your own by picking out a patterned tape that suits your style. Get the details on this DIY at Willow Tree Projects. 

10. Desk Calendar

With this project, be ready to play around with some watercolors! Plus, who doesn't need a calendar for their desk, home, or locker space? Find out how to get creative with this project at Home Made by Carmona.

11. Homemade Bookmarks

Making spunky bookmarks could be a great encouragement for the kids to start reading again now that school is back in session! Get some design ideas at Tatertots & Jello.

12. Retro Gum Holders

Gum is an essential item to have on hand for many people throughout the day. So why not carry it around in style? Or place it on your desk, magnetize it to a locker, or keep it in the kitchen as a piece of retro decor. Learn how to make it at Designs by Miss Mandee.