10 Unique Outdoor Seating Options

Creating outdoor living spaces allow you to extend your home into the outdoors which, in turn, provides you with more gathering space for friends and family. Comfort and abundant seating is not the only factor taken into account for many deck and patio spaces these days; creativity is also a major factor that is becoming more commonplace. Like indoor furniture, outdoor furniture represents your style and your home's decor. Do you prefer the traditionally styled, contemporary styled or modern styled furniture pieces? Ample and inspired patio seating can be found in the form of sofa sectionals to seat multiple individuals or a singular hanging chair with room for one. So I went on a search for Unique and creative outdoor seating styles to help spark some ideas to make your outdoor space both unique and luxurious. Whether you go modern, traditional or anywhere in-between a number of items on this list of unique and creative outdoor seating are sure to please both you and your guests.

1. The Nestrest

In my search for interesting and unique seating, the first stop is the Nestrest. The Nestrest is kind of like a hanging woven pod. It has a very unique teardrop shape and is the perfect place to relax with a good book or just meditate. See more from the designers of the Nestrest

2. The Clam Sectional

Modular seating is quickly becoming more popular. This set can be arranged as a daybed, like in the photo, or it can be pulled apart into separate seating sections. This particular model is discontinued but the style is quite popular among many furniture manufacturers.Check out more Fortunoff designs here

3. Floating Chaise Chair

The Sunnydaze Floating Chaise Lounge Chair is a favorite for its bright color, unique design and shade. The lounge chair is surprisingly comfortable and stylish. It provides the perfect place to read a book, lounge after a long day or visit with guests.Learn more about the lounge chair

4. Loopita Spiral 

This unique two-person lounger is the perfect place to unwind or encourage conversation. The woven, spiral design offers a bit of shade and allows two people to lounge while facing each other, making conversation much easier. Plus, the sumptuous cushions take comfort to the next level. Check out the designer’s website

5. Contemporary Sectional

  Provide enough room for everyone to be comfortably seated.       Designed  with contemporary style in mind, this sectional sofa will stun and impress all who use it. It also featured a brilliant synthetic wicker that is much easier to maintain than genuine wicker.

6. Large Mayan Hammock

The Sunnydaze Large Mayan Chair Hammock is a whole new take on hammocks. This swing will provide you with incredible comfort and is constructed from quality cotton and nylon material. Whether you use it indoors or out, it is the perfect relaxation option. Take a look here

7. S-Shaped Mobilis Sofa

Looking for a more modern touch for your deck or patio? This long and stylish lime green sofa features a unique S shape and has comfortable cushions. All of these elements make for a beautiful accent with a lot of room for family and guests. See it here

8. Hanging Chair

Hanging chairs appear to be gaining popularity as there are so many styles available to suit many different tastes. This one features an airy woven design and comfortable cushions. With this mix of comfort and style, it is sure to be a popular seat. More from the designer here

9. Corsica Rocker Set

A more traditional choice, this rocker set is a beautiful and charming addition to your front porch. This classic style beckons guests to your front porch and invites them to stay. Plus they are available in a number of different color options. See more seating options here

10. California Casual Set

This deep seating patio furniture set comes complete with enough seating for 6. The set includes two arm chairs, two loveseats, a coffee table and two end tables! To learn more about the California Casual Seating Set. Check it out