10 Quiet Indoor Fountains with Minimal Water Sounds

Indoor water fountains make beautiful additions to any home interior with their running water and beautiful designs. But if you are like many others, the sound of running water gives you more of a “gotta go feeling rather than a feeling of relaxation. So why not look into getting a fountain that doesn't have sounds that are so pronounced? There are a wide variety of fountains that have minimal to no water sounds that would be perfect for your home and you'd get all the benefits of a fountain without the sounds.

The soft flowing water, shallow water depth and/or short falling distance all contribute to the unbroken surface tension of the liquid, hence the low audible sound. Here's a list of 10 fountains with video that make minimal to no water sounds when they are run.

1. Cascading Five Leaves Tabletop Fountain w/ LED Light

This contemporary fountain blends metal and resin to add a beautiful accent to any home.

2. Curved Stream Tabletop Fountain with LED Lights

This fountain is reminiscent of a waterfall and is small enough to fit on any surface.

3. Rustic Brick Wall and Jugs Tabletop Fountain w/ LED Light

This charming tabletop fountain blends color with rustic elements for look that will encourage conversation and admiration.

4. Wandering Leaves Tabletop Fountain with LED Light

This fountain is a larger tabletop model that blends a traditional garden trellis look with contemporary metal leaves.

5. Three-Tier Cascading Barrels Tabletop Water Fountain with LED Lights

The intricate textured detail of this water fountain combined with the realistic hues painted in shades of brown, metallic, and black are sure to add chic accents to your home!

6. Three Leaf Cascading Tabletop Fountain

A quiet and modern look that features painted metal leaves and green painted sea grass, this fountain adds distinction and style to any surface.

7. Three Pillars Pouring Table Fountain w/LED Light

Three sleek and elegant pillars silently pour water into each other and the water recirculates in the basin.

8. Three Tier Cascading Tabletop Fountain w/ LED Lights

Water calmly and quietly flows down the ruffled tiers of this contemporary fountain and recirculates through in the basin.

9. Three Tier Flowing Tabletop Fountain w/ LED Lights

Resembling stacked pots, this lighter colored fountain is lightweight, stylish and quiet so you can put it on any surface of your home.

10. 4-Tier Flowing Clay Bowls Indoor Tabletop Water Fountain

Add a touch of earthy style to your indoor space with this four-tier indoor tabletop water fountain!