10 Most Basic Tips for Garden Fountain Care

Only the well maintained outdoor fountains, that are properly cleaned, on regular basis, will make your garden beautiful and attractive for everyone who visits. Here are the ten most basic tips and instructions on how to take good care of your garden fountain and maintain it well:

  • Once a week use a water treatment to clean the water inside the fountain from algae and mineral deposits, which can damage the fountain's finish.
  • Add fresh water in the fountain every day, and check its level to make sure there is proper capacity inside the feature, that will prevent the fountain pump from burning out or suffering some other damages. It is recommended to keep the water surface 1 inch below the rim of the fountain's basin.
  • Regularly clean the fountain pump from any type of debris that can harm its functionality and lower its performance.
  • Once a month replace the whole water in your garden fountain to remove the debris before it starts to smell sour.
  • Once in every 3 months thoroughly clean the whole fountain, disassembling it completely and carefully scrubbing and washing each of its pieces with cleaning supplies that won't damage the finish, and are allowed by the fountain manufacturer.
  • Always read and apply the instructions from the producer of the fountain, because not all fountains are built of the same materials, and some may require your special attention.
  • Never use foreign substances inside the fountain water, because these may not be harmful to you, but they may still damage the pump or the fountain's inner workings.
  • Always winterize your outdoor fountain. Drain all the water from it, take out the pump, fill in the basin with an absorbent material, and protect the water feature with a fountain cover.
  • Use special pond filters to catch dirt and other remains, like leaves or branches, as well as other natural or unnatural materials that can damage the fountain pump performance.
  • Regularly clean and maintain your outdoor fountain if you want it to look beautiful and last longer.