10 Masculine Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for the Men in Your Life

Growing up, my mom always made sure she had Valentine’s Day gifts for both my brother and me. Whether it was new pajamas, a book, or candy with a card, she always wanted us to know that we both were appreciated equally. And in school, everyone would bring Valentine’s cards and candy for every other student in the class (regardless of gender: boys and girls all received the same tokens of appreciation).

So why is it that after grade school, Valentine’s Day seems to revolve predominantly around giving gifts to “her,” while men often end up ignored (or solely obligated) on this holiday? In my opinion: Women should use Cupid’s Holiday to acknowledge the men in their lives – not just husbands or boyfriends, but brothers, fathers and others too! – and show appreciation for their love, help, and hard work. I know plenty of couples who both get gifts, or share a special date night, on February 14. But the media still portrays “V-Day” as a holiday where a “coupled” man gets the woman in his life a special gift, and that is it (think about jewelry commercials, for example).

Whether selecting a Valentine’s Day gift is for your significant other, father, son, brother, or close friend, the prospect of finding the perfect item for a man may leave one’s mind reeling. There are many gift ideas out there that are both unique and useful, that you may not have yet considered – it is wise to remember that items that make his life easier or more enjoyable are always ideal. We have a few suggestions for unique Valentine’s Day gifts for men below, and hope you find them inspiring!

Three Pillars Pouring Tabletop Water Fountain

1. Tabletop/Desktop Fountains

If he works in an office or from home, a  small tabletop fountain for his desk will set a soothing mood in his workspace. The sounds of the flowing water will drown out distracting background noise, leaving him focused and able to continue his hard work.

Cubic Bio-Ethanol Tabletop Fireplace

2. Personal Fireplace

Another gift idea for his office or his den: A  personal fireplace is small enough to sit on a desk, side table, sofa table, or coffee table. It will generate heat without any smoke or soot. These items make a great choice for men who prefer modern-style décor, as they feature sleek lines, glass, and black, white, or stainless-steel coloring.

36 Inch Tabletop Pool Table

3. Tabletop Pool Table

This is perfect for his man cave, den or office. If he enjoys a good game of pool but can’t always get to the bar to play, this is a great alternative, especially if you do not have the space or finances for a full-size table. This set includes everything he needs to play.

All Star Fire Pit with Swiveling Adjustable Cooking Grate

4. Fire Pit

Having fires can be social experiences that simultaneously provide time to relax. If he enjoys spending time outdoors around a fire, a  new fire pit is a great choice for a Valentine’s Day gift for a special guy.

Black Steel 8 Foot Firewood Log Rack

5. Log Rack

If he already has a fire pit, a sturdy steel  log rack, or perhaps a log rack cover (or other accessory), is the way to go. This way his firewood will always be ready, dry and at-hand when needed.

Dual Campfire Adjustable Swiveling Cooking Grill System

6. Fire Pit Cooking Grills and Accessories

There are many  accessory options for a fire pit that any outdoorsman would enjoy. Whether you choose a  cooking grill, outdoor drink holders that stake into the ground, or marshmallow skewers, he is sure to enjoy them.

Desert Strip Rope Hammock and Stand

7. Hammock Combo

Men who enjoy spending time outdoors napping and relaxing are sure to enjoy a hammock or a  hammock-and-stand combo. Whether you choose a fabric or quilted hammock, a Brazilian hammock or a traditional American rope hammock, he is sure to spend many hours in it.

Oversized Zero Gravity Chairs-Charcoal

8. Zero Gravity Lounger

Perfect for camping or just sitting on the front porch and watching the world go by, these zero gravity chairs are comfortable and portable. You can even get a set of 2 and have one for yourself!

Personal Air Purifier Necklace

9. Portable Air Purifier Necklace

No, this isn’t jewelry, and it is perfect for the men who travel via air on a regular basis. These  air purifiers emit a constant stream of health negative ions that force pollutants away from the airspace you are breathing, providing a 3-foot sphere of clean and healthy air around one’s head. It will clean pollutants such as viruses, pollen, smoke, mold, and dust mites that traditional air filters leave behind.

Natural Sunrise Alarm Clock and Sleep System

10. Sound Machine/Sunrise Alarm

Give him the gift of a good night’s rest with a sound machine.  Sound machines work by drowning out background noise with the sounds of nature, such as rain, thunderstorms, rivers, oceans, brooks, crickets, and more. Most sound machines also have white-noise settings if you prefer that.

Sunrise alarm clocks make easier mornings (and a more gentle waking experience). By gently using light therapy to wake up rather than a startling loud beeping noise that traditional alarms offer, he is sure to have better mornings.

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