10 Great Recipes to Make Over a Campfire

August, September, and October are my favorite months to enjoy late night bonfires with family and friends. The temperature is a little cooler making the warmth of the bonfire more inviting. When spending hours of quality time around the fire pit with loved ones, it's important to have some snack ideas on hand because you and your guests are bound to get hungry! Plus what could be better than toasting a treat over a fire and eating it right then and there when it's fresh and warm? Here are 10 delicious campfire recipes that are sure to please everyone when you're camping or just spending time outdoors around the fire.

1. Campfire Breadsticks

This tasty treat is as simple to make as it looks! Wrap some breadstick dough around a stick or skewer, add desired seasonings, and roast away! Plus, you can bring out a dipping sauce to pair with the bread to add extra flavor. For some seasoning suggestions and full instructions, check out Shock Munch.

2. Campfire French Toast

If your bonfire is going strong well into the morning, or you're simply camping, this is the food for you! It's a super easy treat to make, and there are several ways you can make it your own by adding your favorite fruit and toppings. Perhaps your family enjoys blueberries and sugar on their french toast, or raspberries with syrup. Anyway you make it, this breakfast treat is delicious! Find out how to make it at This Lil Piglet.    

3. Campfire Potatoes

I've tried this potato recipe myself and can totally vouch for how yummy it is. You can't go wrong with the onion and potato combo, especially when it's fresh from the fire and piping hot. Give this one a try via Tiffany's recipe on Daily Leisure.

4. Campfire Breakfast Burger

Another breakfast themed favorite around the fire is this breakfast burger, complete with a patty, fried egg, and crispy biscuit. A portable cooking grill will surely come in handy with this one, and many of these other recipes! Learn how to make this mouthwatering sandwich at Jelly Toast

5. Campfire Mac n' Cheese

This classic meal can be cooked easily in a pot over the fire, and the best part is you can make large amounts of it to serve everyone and still potentially have leftovers for the next fire! Get the recipe at Lauren's Latest.

6.  Campfire Bacon Cheese Pull Aparts

Melted cheese and bacon united into one savory dish? Say no more. This is the campfire favorite of many not only because it only takes about 30 minutes to prepare and cook, but because the ingredients are some of the main symbols of American camping food. Discover the best way to make it at Rhodes Bread.

7. Campfire Pineapple Upside Down Cake 

This dessert is best served when warm, so why not try it out over the fire? Preparation is quick, but I think eating it will be even quicker, it's that good! Check out the recipe at Echoes of Laughter.

8. Campfire Tofu and Eggplant Hobo Bundles

Here's a little vegetarian mix that involves lots of fresh ingredients. It's a great option for those avoiding meat! You can add even more vegetable options if you'd like to give this recipe more variety. Learn how to prepare and cook it at My Recipes.

9. Campfire Smoked Salmon Breakfast Burrito

Egg, peppers, and salmon all stuffed into a warm tortilla sounds pretty awesome right? What's even more awesome is that it can be prepared and cooked in about 20 minutes in a cast-iron skillet right over the fire! Find out how to make it happen at My Recipes.

10. Campfire Chicken with Roasted Brussels Sprouts, Potatoes, and Dill

This is indeed a full meal recipe, but don't be intimidated just yet! Sure it will take a little more time, ingredients, and energy to make but I promise it's worth it. Having a full meal with loved ones out by the fire is certainly a plus, and so is the taste! Get the recipe from Lauren Ariza. 

Whether you're trying these recipes in the backyard or in the woods, don't forget to have the right supplies!