10 Activities to Enjoy Indoors During Cooler Weather

Fall is here, bringing chilly weather and cooler winds that will force many of us to dig out our folded jackets, flannels, and jeans from the depths of our closets. Now I know many of you are probably thrilled about the events, activities, and outdoor aesthetics that are accompanied with the autumn season. But I also know that some of you see fall as simply the end of summer and warmer weather, meaning you'll have to start spending more time indoors, hiding from the brisk winds and frosty mornings. But this new adjustment to sweater weather doesn't mean you have to sit around indoors longing for the great outdoors again! Here are some simple activities you can enjoy indoors to help you stay sane as you embrace and welcome the fall season!

1. Finally find the time to redecorate.

During the summer, we like to spend most of our time outdoors enjoying the weather, tending to the garden and outdoor chores, and focusing on backyard decor. With the cooler weather headed our way, we have the perfect excuse to stay inside and completely redecorate our indoor space! Tabletop water fountains add an elegant element and tranquil ambiance to any room in the home, creating peaceful, flowing water sounds that will put your mind at ease.

2. Enjoy an indoor fire.

Now we're not talking about an indoor bonfire or anything like that! We're talking about adding a peaceful personal fireplace into the mix of your home's decor. Our tabletop fireplaces are gel-fueled, and won't produce any smoke or soot. Plus, they function well with any room in the home; place a personal fireplace in the bathroom during your next bubble bath, make it the centerpiece of the dining table during your next dinner party, or enjoy the dancing flames in the living room as you read a good book. The options are endless!

3. Find the time to finish that novel.

If you've had a half read book sitting on the kitchen counter for months, now is the perfect time to finish reading it! A few hours before bedtime, curl up in your favorite blanket with some hot tea in hand. Light your personal fireplace to set the relaxing mood and get to reading!

4. Why keep the art of "hammocking" to just the outdoors?

We know, it sounds crazy! But you can hammock indoors if you have room in the house to do so! Perhaps you have a sunroom or indoor patio space that looks like it could use something a little extra. Some of our hammock swings and chairs could be the extra piece of relaxing decor that completes the room! Use a hammock stand, or mount to the ceiling or walls if you prefer. Get creative to make your indoor space just as cozy as your outdoor hammock haven! 

5. Get crafty.

Time to get cracking on those fall themed crafts you've been wanting to put together for so long! Check out these colorful DIY fall wreath ideas and these fall themed home decor ideas for a little inspiration!

6. Give the playroom an extra element of fun.

The kids will be spending more time indoors as well, so it might be time to give their bedrooms or playroom a cozy little spot to relax as well! Our kids' teepees make for the perfect reading nook, sleepover spot, homework zone, or just a place to unwind from a long day.

7. Learn how to cook some of your favorite Pinterest dishes.

Scrolling through Pinterest and saving some tasty recipes can be super fun, but why not actually take the time to create them in your own home? With all the extra time you have to spend indoors this season, make a list of your favorite online recipes you've always to try. Take a few nights out of your week to give them a whirl! Our cast iron cookware will surely come in handy for some of those stovetop or oven recipes, and our kitchen scales can assist you when exact measurements are needed! 

8. Show your competitive side.

From foosball to air hockey to pool tables, we have all the gaming tables you could want for. This fall season, create a friendly competition among family and friends through a tabletop gaming tournament! It will keep you and your loved ones entertained for hours as you compete in shooting pool, throwing darts, paddling in ping pong, and more! 

9. Pick up meditation as a new hobby.

Now is wonderful time to learn how to meditate, relax your mind, and find some inner peace before the holiday season starts up. Here are three meditation techniques for reducing stress, anxiety, and depression. With a little bit of practice and small amount of patience, you might just find yourself relaxed and ready to conquer all the holiday shopping and parties ahead!

10. Plan a Halloween party.

Get in the festive spirit and throw your very own Halloween themed party! Whether you'd rather keep the get together to close family, or want to invite the entire block, we've got some helpful tips and tricks for you. Take a peek at our last minute Halloween party checklist to ensure you will have every detail covered from the feast of frightening food to the decorations!

We hope that these activities will help keep you sane while the cooler weather creeps in. We understand that for some, making the transition from summer heat and spending time outside to chilly mornings and wrapping up in layers of jackets isn't always easy! However, if you prefer to layer up and brave the fall temps, check out our 20 fun-filled fall activities to try blog post. It's packed with several outdoor activities for you and loved ones to enjoy together!