Food Scale Buying Guide

Find the Kitchen Scale that Suits Your Health Needs

Food scales play an essential role in one’s path to a healthier lifestyle. Owning a food scale helps you control your meal portions and determine real serving sizes, among plenty of other benefits. They’re a compact and easy-to-use tool, helping you and your family eat more balanced meals one weigh in at a time. Whether you’re looking to weigh every portion of your meals to count calories or simply need an easy way to accurately measure ingredients of a recipe, consider all these features when buying your good scale to ensure you choose the right one for you and your family’s needs.

Usability & Functionality


Unit button makes conversions easy

Think about your home recipes, favorite dinner dishes, and tasty snacks that you’ll want to weigh. When preparing these delicious dishes, it’s likely you’ll need to make some metric conversions when weighing your food. Perhaps a recipe calls for 5 grams of almonds and 1 pound of bananas. With Sunnydaze kitchen scales, you can easily switch from grams to pounds within seconds. Each scale has a unit button that provides you with multifunctional weighing options such as gram, ounce, milliliter, and pound’ ounce.


Tare function allows for accurate results

All of our kitchen scales have a tare option, which allows you to weigh food in a bowl or container and only the weight of the contents will be measured and displayed on the scale. Simply place your bowl on the scale, press the tare button to zero the scale and add your berries to the bowl for weighing!


Weight capacity helps you measure a variety of foods

On occasion, you probably need to weigh food items larger than a handful of nuts or a bundle of broccoli. Our food scales have a weight capacity of 11 lbs (5,000g) so you can easily weigh those larger amounts of food.

Design & Price


Let’s get digital

All of our Sunnydaze kitchen scales have a sleek digital LCD screen that clearly displays accurate measurements. Our scales’ screens are backlit, making them easy to use and read in all lighting conditions. Plus, unlike mechanical scales, digital scales show a decimal value making their results more precise and accurate.


Staying healthy on-the-go

Our scales are small enough to fit anywhere in the kitchen from the counter to the cupboard to the top of the fridge. Their compact size makes them total space savers, easy to store, and perfect for travel if you need a portable option for weighing your food on-the-go.


Being health conscience shouldn’t be pricey

All four of our sleek, LCD display kitchen scales are priced between $15.95 and $19.95, making your personal journey to better health and mindful eating affordable.