Fire Pit Fuel Guide

Choosing the Fuel that’s Right for You

Fire pits are more popular than ever, and with so many different types, it can sometimes be overwhelming to choose one that’s best for your outdoor space. One of the most important decisions you’ll make is deciding whether you want a fire pit that burns wood, propane or natural gas. All three boast a beautiful glow and offer a warm place to relax, so it really comes down to the details.


If you plan to use your fire pit for cooking, a wood burning pit is the way to go. It’s the most economical as far as up-front costs and is able to create larger outdoor fires than the other two options. You’ll enjoy the crackling of the wood and that natural campfire smell you can only get from burning logs. However, while a wood-burning fire pit is the most authentic, it’s not necessarily the most convenient. You still have to purchase wood and store the kindling. Starting a fire from scratch isn’t always easy – although you can use a commercial starter stick to simplify the process. Once you’re finished for the night, it’s important that you properly dispose of the ash since it can reignite days after you’ve extinguished the fire. As you can see, wood-burning fire pits may cost less, but there’s a certain degree of maintenance involved.

One of our favorite wood-burning fire pits is the Sunnydaze 30-Inch Black All Star Fire Pit with Cooking Grate and Spark Screen. The adjustable cooking grate has a range of 14.5 to 19 inches above the bowl base, making it easier than ever for you to grill your favorite foods over an open flame. 


If you’re not a fan of the campfire smell, or if the smoke tends to bother you, consider purchasing a propane gas fire pit. In addition to being odor free, they’re by far the easiest to operate. Simply push the ignition and flames instantly appear. You can control the height and intensity of the heat by the flip of a switch and there are no ashes or logs to clean once the evening winds down. However, propane is the most expensive fuel of the three, so if you’re looking to save money, your best bet is probably a wood-burning fire pit, or one that runs on natural gas.

We carry plenty of liquid propane fire pits and offer a variety of price ranges. We especially like this San Simeon Chat Height Fire Pit Table because it’s the perfect size for sitting outside after a long day at work and enjoying a cocktail or a cup of tea. Or for spending time outdoors when guests visit.

Natural gas fire pits require the biggest up-front investment, however, once installed, they’re the most economical since natural gas costs much less than liquid propane and wood. Like the propane pits, you simply push the ignition switch and it’s ready to go. No wood to clean up, no propane tanks to buy – it’s by far the most low-maintenance of the three. Natural gas also burns cleaner than propane, so it’s better for the environment. 


We carry a huge selection of natural gas fire pits including one of our most popular items, the Third Rock Gas Fire Pit  by Fire Pit Art. Handcrafted from steel to look like the Earth, it’s sure to grab everyone’s attention. Not only will it keep you warm on those chilly fall nights, it will create a relaxing ambiance as you watch the flames dance throughout the globe.