Do Hammocks Harm Trees

Do Hammocks Harm Trees

The use of hammocks has increased tremendously over the last few years, with nature enthusiasts creating their own relaxing oasis in public parks and on university campuses. This has a led to a number of cities, including Charleston, S.C., to consider banning tying hammocks to trees, claiming they could cause long-term damage.

While tree damage is usually minimal, if at all, it can cause concern for some who want to join the hammocking trend. If you’re assembling a hammock in your backyard, the best thing to do is screw in a bolt on each tree. Ropes can cause friction, which can sometimes lead “rope scar” or weaken the bark. Either of these can make the tree more susceptible to disease.

Premiere Tree Solutions, based in Atlanta, warns against tying ropes around the trees, and instead suggests using a drill to insert eye hooks into the tree. “It’s a much safer way for the tree, as well as stronger and more stable for the hammock.”


When hanging your hammock between two trees, be sure the trees are sturdy and mature. Palm, oak, maple and beech trees are ideal for hammocks. Avoid trees with soft wood, such as fruit trees and evergreens and be sure they don’t show any signs of disease. The experts at Premiere Tree Solutions suggest looking for dead branches and as well as cracks and splits at the crotches of the branches. If you’re unsure whether or not the trees in your yard are suitable for a hammock, you can always call an arborist to take a look.

If bolts or rope don’t appeal to you, take a look at our Sunnydaze Tree-Friendly Adjustable Hammock Hanging Straps. Made from durable polyester webbing, these tree straps allow you to hang your hammock without causing damage.


According to, hammock straps prevent bark abrasion and because they’re adjustable, they create a “snug fit without harming a tree.” The article suggests adjusting the straps as the tree continues to grow to prevent “girdling” which will ultimately kill the tree. If the rope is too tight, they tree can’t absorb proper nutrients and water. Tree straps are ideal because they protect the tree while also creating a temporary home for your hammock. If you feel like taking your hammock on the road, untie it from the tree and you’re ready to go.


Still not convinced? Play it safe with one of our hammock stands. They’re easy to assemble and they’re portable, so you can move them in and out of the sun any time you want. One of our most popular items is the Sunnydaze Hand-Woven 2 Person Mayan Hammock with Stand, which features a 400-pound capacity. Another stand that we absolutely love, and know you will too, is this stunning curved arc wood stand, also from Sunnydaze. Big enough for two people, this hammock stand is the epitome of relaxation.